Content Of The Scientific Collection "THE PROBLEMS OF GENERAL ENERGY" №4 (43), 2015

Scientific foundations of the development and optimization of fuel-and-energy balances
Malyarenko O.Ye., Maistrenko N.Yu., Kuts G.O.
Prediction needs economy in energy resources taking into account the demand for energy-intensive export-oriented products
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):5-13

Mathematical modeling of energy facilities and systems
Kulyk М.M., Dryomin I.V.
Generalized mathematical model and features of adaptive automatic frequency and power control systems
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):14-23
Kaplin M.I., Bilan T.R.
Economic-mathematical model of fuel supply for thermal power sector taking into account the substitution of regular fuel and limits for emissions
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):24-30

Optimization of the development and management of the functioning of energy systems
Shulzhenko S.V., Radchenko О.L.
Development of renewable energy using accumulative technologies
Language: Ukrainian, English
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):31-43

Enhancement of the efficiency of producing and using energy resources
Makarov V.M.
Methodological approaches to the selection of mining equipment in the course of modernization of the mine
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):44-51

Scientific foundations of energy saving and energy-saving policy
Rozen V.P., Sokolovska I.S., Inshekov E.M., Stoyanova I.I.
Improving the mechanism of implementation of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency by adapting international standards on energy management at the national level
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):52-57

Brief reports
Molochko F.І.
On the of Ranque-Hilsch effect
Language: Russian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 4(43):58-60