Content Of The Scientific Collection "THE PROBLEMS OF GENERAL ENERGY" №2 (41), 2015

Systemic studies and complex problems of the energy sector
Malyarenko O.Ye., Maistrenko N.Yu.
Forecasting fuel and energy consumption levels taking into account energy saving potential in the context of structural changes in the economy
Language: Ukrainian, English
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):5-22

Forecasting, systems analysis, and optimization of the structural development of the energy sector
Perov M.O., Makarov V.M.
Ukraine's power station coal production pattern and potential
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):23-31

Mathematical modeling of energy facilities and systems
Shulzhenko S.V.
The accounting specifics of limit forecasting periods based on the dynamic mathematic programming model for the development of nuclear power generation capacities in the atomic energy industry
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):32-38
Kostiuk V.O.
System overview of the methods used to study power units with variable process parameters, and practical aspects of modeling
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):39-47

Study and optimization of the technological objects and systems of the energy sector
Bilodid V.D.
Assessing the possibilities for improving energy efficiency of TPPs based on flue gas heat exchangers and using heat pump installations
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):48-56
Derii V.O.
Analysis of dynamic processes of heat energy accumulation in the centralized heating systems
Language: Ukrainian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):57-61
Dryomin V.P., Dryomin I.V., Shafranovich Ju.V., Silenko N.F.
Benchmarking assessment of development options for low-capacity centralized heating systems
Language: Russian
Probl. zagal'n. energ. 2015, 2(41):62-69