State regulation of greenhouse gases emissions in the world: prospects for Ukraine

Ivanenko N.P., Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Sas D.P.
Institute of General Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 172 Antonovycha str., Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Source: Problemy zahal`noi enerhetyky - The Problems of General Energy, 2017, 2(49):56-64
Section: Ecological aspects of energy and environmental protection
UDC: 504.06
Received: 20.04.2017
Abstract: Different approaches to  the state regulation of greenhouse gases emissions that are used in the world are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of each approach in comparison with others are analyzed. The world experience in effective use of the carbon tax as one of the approaches to the state regulation of greenhouse gas emissions is reviewed. The current situation in Ukraine is analyzed, and recommendations for the effective application of the carbon tax in Ukraine are proposed. The approaches to the determination of carbon tax are developed.
Keywords: greenhouse gases, allowance trading scheme for greenhouse gases, carbon tax.
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