Methodological approaches to the selection of mining equipment in the course of modernization of the mine

Makarov V.M.
Institute of General Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 172 Antonovycha St., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Source: Problemy zahal`noi enerhetyky - The Problems of General Energy, 2015, 4(43):44-51
Section: Enhancement of the efficiency of producing and using energy resources
UDC: 622.232
Received: 02.11.2015
Published: 03.12.2015
Abstract: In Ukraine there is just one way to improve coal production up to the new level – technical re-equipment of the industry. New equipment should operate permanently operate in complicated geological conditions of mines, and its service life, reliability, and performance should be 2-3 times higher compared to similar existing parameters. Intensification of production at concentration of mining operations is possible only in case of the comprehensive mechanization of all processes, minimum manual labor, compulsory ensuring safe conditions of work of service personnel.
The objective of the article is development of comparison methods of different technical decisions during modernization of mining sites.
For reasonable comparison of alternative technical solutions during modernization of coal mines the comparison criteria were formed. As a result of comparison of the numerical values of integral quality criteria the decision on selection of the most promising option of equipping the face with high-performance mining equipment and transport machines is made, which is best choice for mining and geological conditions of specific face at maximum efficiency and reliability of its operation.
The example of calculations of quantitative criteria numerical values and comparing the competing options of technical solutions during modernization of mining site of the mine “Kholodna Balka" SE “Makiivvuhillia."
Key words: mine, modernization, method, criteria, mining equipment, face.
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