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Comparative Analysis of Energy Effectiveness of Biodiesel Fuel Production from Rape Corn

Kovalko O.M., PhD (Ekon.), Associate Professor, Evtukhova T.O., Chuprina L.V.
Language: Ukrainian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2014, 3(38):36-42
Section: Scientific foundations of energy saving and energy-saving policy
UDC: 620.92:334.75
Received: 20.10.2014
Published: 03.11.2014


The paper presents comparative analysis of the different approaches to the definition of energy-economy efficiency of biodiesel fuel from rape corn, and a conclusion is made regarding practicability of its production. Several prospective techniques of such conclusion justification are considered, including by the means of distribution of the full primary energy to renewable and non-renewable components, and to the energy of a traditional fuel and the energy of a primary raw material (rape), which are radically opposite from the point of view of their accessibility and economy practicability.

Keywords: energy efficiency, energy intensity, production of biodiesel.


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