Methods of study of cost indexes of providing ancillary services of frequency control in point of power units loading in Power System of Ukraine

Blinov I.V., PhD (Engin.)
Language: Ukrainian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2013, 1(32):38-44
Section: Development, organization and functioning of energy markets
UDC: 621.316
Received: 26.10.2012
Published: 25.04.2013


Today no system of primary frequency and power control (PFPC) in Ukraine practically. The number of power plants that can provide reserves of the secondary frequency control (SFC) of power system (PS) of Ukraine is insufficient. One of the main causes of this situation is the lack of approaches for stimulation and payment to power plants for providing ancillary services (AS), including of the frequency control. The methods of competitive selection of AS suppliers which are used in Europe and in the world can’t now be used in Ukraine due to lack of producing capacity and technical capabilities for full PFPC and SFC in PS of Ukraine. On base of the analysis of international experience, of rules of wholesale electricity market of Ukraine and leaning on conducting of research, the method for determination of the main component of costs is proposed in the article. These costs are associated with the provision of AS - cost of ith power unit in ready mode of the power plant to the AS of PFPC and/or SFC. These costs are determined by the value of opportunity costs resulting from the necessity of holding active power reserves, which could be used by the owner of the power unit for selling on the wholesale electricity market (WEM). The proposed method can be used to existing today WEM model in Ukraine, and at the introduction of balancing electricity market.

Keywords: ancillary services market, frequency control, power plant costs, lost opportunity.


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