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Prospects of the gas-transport system of Ukraine in the context of changes in the world gas sector

Leshchenko I.Ch., PhD (Engin.)
Institute of General Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 172 Antonovycha St., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2011, 2(25):17-24
Section: Forecasting, systems analysis, and optimization of the structural development of the energy sector
UDC: 621.6
Received: 07.04.2011
Published: 13.04.2011


Recently, the world gas sector has substantially changed, and most the important changes are: further globalization of world gas market, related to the development of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market; the decrease of gas demand in many countries, as a consequence of the economic crisis; the rapid development of technologies for mining nonconventional gases, such as: shale stratum and coal bed. These changes have created new conditions of the operation of Ukrainian gas-transport system.
In the article, there is an analysis of the influence of newly implemented gas-main pipelines, which supply gas to European countries, as well as LNG market expansion, changes in volumes of gas that EU consumes and Russian Federation policies in the natural gas market, on the operation of the gas-transport system of Ukraine.
There is up to 2030 prognosis of load of the Ukrainian gas-transport system and the investigation of the gas-main pipelines operation, subject to this proviso. The derived conclusion is that modernization of the gas-transport system is meaningless, unless there are signed long-term contracts of volumes and transit directions of nature gas across the Ukrainian territory.
The priority tasks, which should be solved to ensure the efficient operation of the gas transportation system are defined.

Keywords: gas-transport system, prognosis, volumes of transit gas, modernization.


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