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Problems and perspectives of application of Artificial Neural Nets in power engineering. Part 2. Management

Voronovskiy G.K., Dr. Sci. (Engin.), Makhotilo K.V., PhD (Engin.), Sergeev S.O., PhD (Engin.)
Language: Russian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2007, 2(16):54-67
Section: Systemic studies and complex problems of the energy sector
UDC: 620.621.31
Published: 07.12.2007


A survey of the domestic and foreign publications on application of Artificial Neural Nets in power system management that covers a period from 1991 to 2007 years is presented. A special accent is done on the problem of mitigating low-frequency and sub synchronous oscillations in power system as well as on quality management in large heat supply systems. An experience of the authors in synthesizing neural-net-based regulators intended for use in a heat production control system of hierarchical structure that has being implemented in Kharkiv CHP-plant #5 is described.

Keywords: artificial neural nets, management, power system, heat-supply.


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