Methods of determination and removal of possible frequency rejections in incorporated power systems operation at sudden violation of powers balance

Dubovskoy S.V., PhD (Engin.),
Lenchevsky Ye.A., PhD (Engin.), ,
Tuwarshiew W.K., PhD (Engin.)
Language: Ukrainian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2006, 1(13):50-56
Section: Enhancement of the efficiency of producing and using energy resources
UDC: 621. 311. 661. 51
Published: 26.01.2006


The questions of problems related to the methods of determination and analysis of frequency rejection values on the example of one sudden disconnecting of powerful power units from Ukrainian UPS are considered. The proper researches are conducted and the graphs of calculation area of frequency rejections are built from its basic value. It is grounded, that at violations of the system operation modes to remove the rejections of frequency are possible more expediently by the speed regulators and automatic frequency regulators instead of introduction of additional powers.

Keywords: incorporated power systems, energy balance, power unit, calculation area, frequency rejections.


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