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Information-analytic system "information error" for computation tasks of technological electric power losses in distributive nets

Ozeryanskiy A.A., PhD (Engin.), Bilyk A.A.
Language: Russian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2002, 2(7):60-63
Section: Study and optimization of the technological objects and systems of the energy sector
UDC: 621.316.1.017
Published: 12.12.2002


In represented system functional intercommunications between sizes of possible determination error of technological electric power losses in electric nets and quality of their information accompaniment are grounded; on last sign is picked out amount of measured parameters and frequency of their conception. A Utility of got results can begin sufficiently perceptible attached to application for distributive nets of low voltage, where possibly the most (to 70-80%) part of technological losses is concentrated and where on opinion of majority of experts losses size determines as "extraordinarily high".

Keywords: technological electric power losses, loading graph, electric distributive nets, method of maximum losses.


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