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Equilibrium Prices Model of the Energy Resources European Market

Kulyk М.M., Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Dobrovolsky V.K., PhD (Ekon.), Golovanov I.N., PhD (Engin.)
Language: Ukrainian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2002, 2(7):7-11
Section: Systemic studies and complex problems of the energy sector
UDC: 338.55+621.31
Published: 12.12.2002


The model of the equilibrium prices of the European energy markets is presented, which one allows to find the similar prices simultaneously with volumes of consumption of energy resources. The model is constructed on the basis of concept of a L.V.Kantorovich technological method. The matrix similar to a matrix of an interindustry balance is reshaped with the help by which one are counted / under the vector-matrix formula of the price of a wasteful type for power resources as arguments of a function of consumption. On as monitoring example on the data, approximated to a reality, the capabilities of model are demonstrated.

Keywords: energy market, equilibrium prices, pricing mathematical models.


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