Evaluation of Influence of Modes of Kiev HPP Operation on Sr-90 Concentration in Kiev Reservoir Outflow

Sizonenko V.P.
Language: Russian
Source: The Problems of General Energy, 2000, 1(2):58-63
Section: Operating reliability and safety of the functioning of energy facilities and systems
UDC: 621.221


The model takes into consideration both the water transportation time and Sr-90 contamination through the reservoir. As a result, the model UNDBE considerably increases the accuracy of prediction of Sr-90 concentration in the reservoir outflow particularly in the case of a short time forecast. This approach does not require more detailed field measures than the full mixed camera model does. The mathematical and soft complexity of the model has increased insignificantly. There are results of modeling the Sr-90 concentration in the Kiev reservoir after the Chernobyl accident in the article. With aid of the model the influence of the modes of the Kiev HHP operation on the concentration change has been evaluated.

Keywords: box model, radionuclides transportation, HHP, operation modes.


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