Information for authors

Submitting the manuscript of a paper, a survey, a brief report, etc. of scientific, scientific-and-technological, or other nature (hereinafter called as the “Manuscript”) to the editorial board of the scientific collection “The Problems of General Energy” (hereinafter called as the “Collection”), the author (authors) vests the Institute of General Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as the founder and publisher of the collection (hereinafter called as the “Publisher”) with an exclusive license to use the Manuscript as follows:

  • to publish the Manuscript of the scientific collection “The Problems of General Energy” in the original language;
  • to transform, adapt, reproduce, translate, or differently modify the Manuscript in concurrence with the author (authors);
  • to post papers free of charge in part or in full on the Internet.

The author (authors) vests the Publisher with the right to use the Manuscript within the territory of Ukraine and the license to disseminate the Manuscript as an inseparable part of the Collection within the territory of Ukraine and other countries by means of subscription, sale, and free transfer of the Collection.

By signing a Manuscript, the author (authors) confirms that:

  • he/she/they is (are) the author (co-author) of the Manuscript;
  • the copyright on this Manuscript has not been transferred to another publisher;
  • the Manuscript in question has not been published earlier and will not be published in any other journal or collection before its publication by the Publisher or till the message on its refusal;
  • it has not violated the intellectual property rights of other parties. The authors may use in the Manuscript materials of other parties in conformity with the legislation currently in force, except for the quotation to the extent justified by their scientific, informational, or critical character.