Scientific-and-analytical and research papers of Ukrainian and foreign specialists describing the result of their investigations directed to the solution of fundamental and applied problems of the development and functioning of the fuel-and-energy sector of Ukraine and other countries of the world are published in the collection under the following headings:

  • systemic studies and complex problems of the energy sector;
  • forecasting, systems analysis, and optimization of the structural development of the energy sector;
  • scientific foundations of the development and optimization of fuel-and-energy balances;
  • mathematical modeling of energy facilities and systems;
  • optimization of the development and management of the functioning of energy systems;
  • operating reliability and safety of the functioning of energy facilities and systems;
  • study and optimization of the technological objects and systems of the energy sector;
  • enhancement of the efficiency of producing and using energy resources;
  • scientific foundations of energy saving and energy-saving policy;
  • systems analysis of energy-saving technologies and optimization of power-consuming industries;
  • ecological aspects of energy and environmental protection;
  • scientific foundations and information means for predicting the scientific and technological advance in the energy sector;
  • development, organization and functioning of energy markets;
  • the state regulation of the energy sector as a natural monopoly;
  • development of the economic environment for functioning of the energy-sector;
  • brief reports.

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